Aug 05

“As he travels the city, Mr. de Blasio can barely contain his fury over what he sees as the central contradiction of the Bloomberg years: a mayor who routinely unleashed the power of government to change New Yorkers’ personal behavior repeatedly balked at harnessing it to change their economic circumstances.” —

NYTIMES, Monday, August 5, 2013

Or as I call him, Napoleon Bloomberg.

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How to deal with a mansplainer starring Hillary Clinton in gifs

Jan 31

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“Nadal has dominated because he has incredible stamina, every shot in the book and because of the way he plays the angles of the court. To win on clay, you have to have fantastic endurance, be powerful and flexible, a complete player. I always thought you needed to be physically fit and have every shot. Nadal has that. In my mind, winning on clay was always the greatest test in tennis.” — Thomas Muster (via rafaelnadalfans)

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